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Technical Inspection for nannies

Technical Inspection for nannies
Health & Beauty

Kids and health are the two things that should always go hand in hand. Of course the right way to approach health issues with your child is to reach out to a qualified doctor. However what do we do when we need health advice not related to actually being sick? Who do you ask for advice when you need recommendations on what mosquito repellent to use better? Or how to create a diverse and healthy diet for a toddler? This column will be your ultimate guide to everyday issues of medicinal nature that I will be helping you with.

After reading Stella Aminova’s article on how to pick the right nanny I would like to point out that it’s important that you don’t rely on the medical record provided by the potential candidate and you should most definitely not take any chances. A much better way to go is to take a few precautions to make sure your child is safe with the new person. Unfortunately, the cases when a nanny had an open form of tuberculosis or was a carrier of pseudomonas aeruginosa do happen quite frequently. That’s why it’s important to make a medical examination of the new person that comes into your family, and for a nanny that works on a permanent basis it’s advised to make such examination annually, and it has to be done right.

Firstly it’s significant to exclude the most common form of tuberculosis - lung tuberculosis. To do that and full lung X-Ray has to be done. The disease is airborne transmitted and just by contact with the infected the child can get sick and the trick here is that the person may have absolutely no idea that he or she is sick for a very long time.

The next thing I would like to recommend a nose and throat smear test. The mucous membranes in those areas are home to various kind of bacteria and it’s totally normal, what interests us in this case is the pathological flora, the kind that shouldn’t be there. Of course you don’t have to know the names of all the bacteria, it’s the doctor’s job to decode the results of the tests.

A further step would be the blood analysis to exclude hepatitis B and C, syphilis and HIV. Despite the unlikeliness of getting this disease just by physical contact, as it’s usually transmitted through blood, a minor chance is still there, like while providing basic first aid in case of cuts or other wounds.

Another examination I would recommend is a test for frequently present worm infestations such as askaris and pinworm. However they are not always diagnosed after the first try, but still it’s better be done. Also a full examination by a dermatologist would also be very much preferred.

And last but not least, the future nanny can also be tested for drug consumption.

Here is the list of all the tests that are recommended:

  • Stool analysis for helminth eggs

  • Stool analysis for enterobiosis

  • Pathological gut flora and antibacterial medicine sensitivity test

  • Throat and nose smear test

  • Syphilis RPR

  • HIV test

  • Anti-HCV-total

  • General lung X-Ray

  • Marijuana and opiates test

Good luck with the search of reliable people!

Dr. Pisman

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